GoCityKids.com has a new feature coming soon that I will have here on the blog so that you can see daily what’s going on here in the Bronx. So look out for that!

Visit Gocitykids.com for events in the rest of NYC.


So a few posts back I showed everyone a cool kids haircuttery called SomePlace Special.

This place is not only cool because it is soley for kids, complete with cool chairs and toys to play with, but the toys are also for sale! Forget taking a long trip downtown only to spend a rediculous amount of money on some overpriced toy in a boutique, when you can find even cooler toys right here in the Bronx. Most toys are under 10$!

Check out their blog at http://someplacespecialhaircutsforkids.blogspot.com/ to learn more about the cool spot and find out about how they are making a difference for children in Ghana with the help of Oriental Trading Company.


*Goodnight, Garden
Families can help prepare the garden for the approaching winter by burying bulbs before the frost and using a rake to gather fallen leaves. Sketch a still life of the last of the autumn fruits and frame it with seeds! At the Ruth Rea Howell Family Garden.
Ongoing Daily except Mon 9/30/08 – 11/1/08; check with location for exceptions.
Ages: All Ages
Time: 1pm-5:30pm
Cost: Free with garden admission. NEW YORK BOTANICAL GARDEN.

*Picture Book Hour
Storytime for little ones.
Ongoing Each Tue 1/1/03 – 6/20/10; check with location for exceptions.
Ages: 3-8
Time: 3:30pm
Cost: Free

Fordham Library Center
2556 Bainbridge Avenue
Bronx, NY 10458


*Gustafer Yellowgold

Kids can meet Gustafer Yellowgold, the friendly creature who comes to Earth from the sun, during a multimedia program launched from the imagination of illustrator/singer/songwriter Morgan Taylor. 718.549.5200 http://www.nypl.org 10/29/08 Ages: 3-18 Time: 3:30pm Cost: Free

Jerome Park Branch Library
118 Eames Place
Bronx, NY 10468


*Nick Jr at the Movies

Nickelodeon presents a 50-minute program featuring episodes and music videos of Nick Jr.’s most popular shows, Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go!, The Backyardigans, and The Wonder Pets. The program provides preschoolers and their parents with a great introduction to the movie-going experience. 718.588.8800 http://www.nat… amusements.com Ongoing Each Thu, Sat 7/31/08 – 12/28/08; check with location for exceptions. Ages: 3-6 Time: 10am Cost: $6

Concourse Plaza Multiplex Cinemas 214 East 161st Street Bronx, NY 10451 (This event is taking place at several movie theatres. Check out the site to find out where!)


*Halloween Party Families are invited to walk through a haunted maze and down into a spooky basement… All visitors get a goody bag and a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. http://nycgovparks.org 10/31/08 Ages: All Ages Time: 5pm-8pm Cost: Free




Special Offer

Thomas & Friends are going to be LIVE on stage at the Beacon Theatre on
April 17-19, 2009!
Enter pre-sale code VTHOMAS before November 15th 2008 at 9pm

Visit http://www.beacontheatre.com/tickets/promotion.html?p_id=VTHOMAS

UPTOWN TOTS. new toddler classes.

We all know the stigma attatched with the Bronx is far from Toddler Yoga and afternoon Mommy and Me classes. But hidden away in the streets of the Boogie Down there are plenty of moms who’d love to be pushing her Bugaboo down a cozy street lined with boutiques and cool concept stores, right? Not to knock the Bronx though, this borough has always had it rough. And while the stereoptypes might pop up here and there, one can’t forget about the moms who really do want to raise their kids the right way. Being a young mother living in the Bronx for prices rather that pleasure, I cringe over the pages of Time Out New York, reading about the local spots that me and the mini me would have to travel almost an hour to reach. While I can’t say the Bronx will never be the baby raising borough, I know for sure it won’t be in my child raising years. But who knows, in 10 years you might find me still here, the chance to relocate come and gone. But that doesn’t mean I can’t want what other boroughs have, and so I’ve decided to at least try to bring some of those things around me, on a more affordable level.

Have you ever thought about enrolling your tot in an art class? A dance class? Was it an awesome thought but the reality is you barely have the money left over every month after childcare to even buy crayons much less than fork over the money to some overpriced class for your 2 year old to just scribble all over a giant piece of construction paper? Well I, and many others are in that boat.

I am interested in starting my own toddler classes, but rather than charging an arm and a leg so I can live on the price paid for a half hour doodling session, I want to just get together some parents, ask for supplies or donations for the supplies, and meet up once a month for an hour of doodling, dancing, or baking cookies. I’m not too sure yet on all of the details, but if anyone is interested, please email me or leave a comment.


If you came across this post from a search engine, please check out the UPTOWN TOTS tab at the top of the page for more information. We have started this group and so far so good! But I will still get your comment if you leave one here!


So I went ahead and got the domain www.bronxmama.com! I am very excited but at the same time know nothing about this stuff! I got it because I don’t want it to suddenly not be available. But for now, if you type in bronxmama.com you will be redirected to the wordpress site. If anyone knows how to work with domains and such, email me please!



Babysitting Services!!!

The Bronx BabySitters

So I know all mothers have at some point had the babysitter dilemna. Whether it’s just to have an hour or two to get your hair and nails done, do some shopping without someone driving you crazy, or finally go that appointment you’ve been rescheduling for months. Well, we have all heard of these last minute babysitting services and night sitters, but finally we have one right here in the Bronx.

Melyna and Veronica, two college grads have come up with the great concept.  Check out their blog at http://thebronxbabysitters.blogspot.com

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