Bringing in 2009, kids in tow.

Not everyone is lucky enough to find a babyistter for New Years Eve. You tried but even grandma is pushing back her usual 8 pm bedtime? Well thats still no reason why you can’t go out and enjoy yourself.  Here are some events, both in and outside of the Bronx, that the kids won’t mind being dragged to.


New Years Eve Bash at Dave and Busters

234 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

Dave & Busters’ ballroom is transformed into a dance floor with a live DJ spinning favorite hits, plus a Million Dollar Midway loaded with over 175 video games and simulators. A buffet dinner and dessert menu is offered, as is an open bar for guests over 21 from 9pm to 2am. Guests ages 14 and up must be accompanied by an adult age 25 or older.
Ages: 14-19
Time: 7pm-4am
Cost: Adults $125; Children $100

New Years Eve Kids Party at Borders

Both the Columbus Circle and Park ave. Borders are having parties at 2 pm. Check out their site for more information!

Special New Years Eve Show at the Big Apple Circus

The Big Apple Circus will be having a special 9:30 pm show in celebration of the new year. Visit to purchase tickets. There will be goody bags along with noisemakers and streamers.

National Comedy Theatre New Years Eve Spectacular

For 79$ party goers get a full buffet and an improv performance. Buy tickets online at


Some good sites for even more family activities for New Years Eve:

If you know of any events taking place in the Bronx or outside, please comment below!



This has been a busy holiday that  has come and will go way too fast! With finals, the writing and the family, I haven’t had much time to update BronxMama. But don’t fret, I have a new writer that I am adding to the site and for the new year you will see a big improvement! Until then, everyone please keep checking back for more from BronxMama and continue to support our new site!

Photographer: Emma Creighton Hopson

Thanks to Emma for taking these wonderful pictures of Briana for Christmas 08′. You can check out her work at

Keep Checking Back!

Some exciting things have been going on for BronxMama! Firstly, we will be featured in Bronx Family in a feature about local Bronx websites/blog. I will be sure to let everyone know when the issue is out.

Also, we have an artist, Alyssa Arater, working hard on a new banner and logo for the site! Stay tuned for more information on Alyssa and her amazing work!

Casting Call: Bronx Mama’s

Bronx Mama’s who own their own home are invited to try out for the chance to be featured on Wa$ted, a show that helps you and your home become more green. Those who live in New York City are no stranger to the effects of global warming and going green is something we all should consider. It is easy for many New Yorkers to ignore the need to go green because so many of us rent and do what is easiest, not what is best for the earth. But if you do own a home and are still reluctant to try going green, this show just might change your way of thinking. Good luck Bronx Mama’s!

Wa$ted is in its 2nd season for Discovery’s Planet Green.  The goal of the show is to teach people to be less wasteful and to be more green.  Our host, Annabelle Gurwitch, along with her sidekick, Holter Graham, want to show people how easy and fun it can be to save the environment and save money.  We want to show that through some simple changes to your house and your lifestyle you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money without sacrificing your luxury and comfort. The eco-makeover will involve lifestyle tips, cool gadgets and products, and superficial changes to the home.  And the best part – we help you save MONEY!  With the potential to WIN money based on your success.  Wa$ted focuses on a spectrum of environmental issues within households from their waste, energy, water and transportation consumption.  With the help of our green experts we narrow in on certain problems facing each family that are both hurting the environment and the homeowner’s bank account. Each episode offers dozens of customized, unconventional solutions in the form of appliances, gadgets and easy-to-maintain tips and tricks on how to best shrink ecological footprints, conserve energy and produce less trash, which in turn saves the homeowners (and viewers) some serious cash, both upfront and over the years.


WA$TED – an eco-makeover show

 ·        Do you have extremely high utility bills?

·        Do your kids not know the meaning of “recycle”?

·        Does your husband run your air conditioner even while you’re not home?

·        Are you interested in saving MONEY?

·        Are you reluctant to adopt a more earth-friendly lifestyle?

·        Do you think that eco-friendly alternatives are a waste of time?

 We are currently casting families, homes and businesses in the tri-state area for the second season of the hit makeover show WASTED for Planet Green.  The eco-makeover will involve lifestyle tips, cool gadgets and products, and superficial changes to the home.  And the best part – we help you save MONEY!  We are looking for people with bizarre, energy-wasting habits that just need a little push in the right direction for an efficient, effective green household.


Must live within 2 hours of NYC

Must own home/apartment

SHOOT is about 2 days, plus some additional time over the course of a month

 Application: Please submit photos and a short bio of why you think your family needs an eco-makeover to or      

Uptown Tot’s First Class!

Sunday December 7th Bronx Mama will be hosting its first Uptown Tot Class. We will be making Christmas crafts and getting to know the moms and tots. It’s not too late to join us, just leave a comment and we will give you the details!

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