Artwork on the Grand Concourse


Every time we look around here in the Bronx lately we are seeing people doing great things to help this borough strip free of the negative stereotypes. A new park, a community garden, new stores with excited owners. Slowly but surely we are making the Bronx a beautiful place.

In celebration of 100 years of the Grand Concourse’s existence, artist Katie Holten is creating a public art work for all to see. The Tree Museum,complete with sidewalk display cases, will stretch 4.5 miles.

Bronx residents can explore the Tree Museum starting June 21st up to October 11th, 2009. There will be an opening celebration in Joyce Kilmer Park on opening day. For more information, visit


Let It Snow!

BronxMamas, take the time to go outside with the tots to enjoy this snow before it freezes like it has so quickly all of the other times!

They love making snow angels!!


The other day I realized I had some extra felt left over from a project and decided to make a small felt board for Briana. I remembered this from when I was younger and hoped she would find it as fun as I did when I was her age. Sure enough, she loved it! And the one I made was just a quick idea, when I make my way to a craft store I will buy a bigger piece of felt to make the backboard and more colors to make more things. Right now I have a regular size piece of felt clipped to Briana’s chaulkboard and I only had white felt left over so I drew on it; a house, a car, two people, two trees, a dog, and the sky. And she loves it.

If you want to make this on your own, all you need is a big piece of felt (you can put it on a board or simply clip it to your chaulk  board or refridgerator). Then you cut out shapes, people, places, things, whatever! If your tot is able to use scissors (the kid ones, of course), let them create their own shapes. You can go simple with shapes and simple objects or you can go for a challenge by making people with glued on eyes, hats, etc. The ideas are endless and its not messy at all!

New And Improved.

Notice anything new on BronxMama? Artist Alyssa Arater took the time to design the awesome new banner for us.

Alyssa is currently working on both her personal design site & a start-up small business that she’s involved with called Ariginal Kreations (, which handles custom invitation design for weddings and other special events, announcements, etc. Check her out!!

Next Meetup!

BronxMama would love to set up our next meetup. If you are interested in attending, or have any ideas for our next class, please comment below or email me at

Financial Empowerment

It’s hard to find anyone right now who isn’t experiencing some kind of financial trouble. Whether you owe money or just aren’t able to save, everyone is feeling the effects from our economy’s current situation. While it is easy to make goals and try to budget yourself, sometimes it takes another person to look at the money you spend and let you know what you can do do different.

The Financial Empowerment Center, located in Melrose, opened its doors in June 2008.  Open to all boroughs, the Center offers the option so schedule one session or several sessions, as needed. These sessions can help with:

• Money management and budgeting
• Financial planning
• Credit and debt counseling
• Support for dealing with creditors
• Affordable banking services
• Government benefit screenings
• Strategic referrals to other services and organizations

The Center is part of Phipps Community Development Corp., which also offers lots of programs at different locations. Check out the site for more information.

To schedule an appointment with a financial Counselor:

Financial Empowerment Center in Melrose
at the Phipps Opportunity Center
Third Avenue at 159th Street
Bronx, NY
(347) 329-3929

Back On Schedule

         The holidays are over and if you were lucky enough to get some much needed time off, its most likely time for you to get back on a normal schedule. While it’s hard enough for you as a parent to return to the early AM schedule, the kids have a hard time adjusting too, especially the younger ones. Even for the stay at home moms, it’s important to have a schedule to make life easier for you and the little ones.

When you sit down and write out your schedule, don’t over do it. Make things simple and open to change. The time your little one wakes up and goes to sleep should be the two things that seldom change. If your tot still naps, be sure to schedule around this time or prepare to deal with a cranky child. 

Most of your children are probably in a daycare or school, and are already on some type of schedule. But this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a loose schedule at home. A time for dinner. A time for homework. A time for baths. And of course, a time for play.

Stay at home moms: this applies to you too! While your day might consist of play dates and fun time, that doesn’t mean the kids don’t need to have set times and activities.

While I’m sure all of you BronxMamas already have your own routine, I’m sure many of you mentioned better sheduling in your New Years Resolutions. Now that the holidays are officially over, and you’ve had a few days into the new year to recover, it’s time to well, be on time!

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