BronxMama was created after discovering the lack of resources there were to find activities and places to visit with children in the Bronx. It isn’t that these places didn’t exist, it is just that no one ever made it easy to find them! Every day there are cool events and fun places to check out all across the borough, and BronxMama is determined to help you find out about them!


Nicole Perrino-Founder

Nicole is a graduate student at John Jay College, a writer, but most importantly- a mother. Nicole has adjusted well to being a young mother and living on the other side of the bridge from her Queens family. She started BronxMama.com in hopes that Bronx parents will consider it a one stop site for all things kids in the Bronx. Nicole is also a writer for Ballerstatus.com, a daily urban lifestyle website-she interviews artists and other celebrities, attends album listening sessions and launch parties, and writes the occasional editorial. Email BronxMama.com@gmail.com

Amy Guobadia-Contributing Writer

Amy is a mom of three amazing children, Rebecka, Alexander and Alyson. She enjoys blogging about her adventures with her three children at http://alexandbeckysmom.blogspot.com/. She wants to share her experiences in the Bronx and beyond with other mothers just like her. She hopes to motivate and inspire mothers to want more for their kids.

Amy moved to the Bronx in 1985 and attended all Bronx schools.  Her alma maters are Jane Addams Vocational High School and Kaplan University. She is currently a Paraprofessional at Clara Barton School C.S.50, the elementary school she attended as a child. Email: aguobadia@aol.com


Lisa Quinones-Fontanez- Contributing Writer

Lisa pays the bills as a legal administrative assistant for a multi-media company while slowly pursuing an MFA degree at The City College of New York. Lisa’s greatest priority is being the mother of a lovable boy named Norrin. She writes about her experiences in raising a child with autism in her blog http://autismwonderland.blogspot.com/. Also a proud “Bronxite” (transplanted from Queens) since 2000, and a graduate of Herbert H. Lehman College in 2008, Lisa considers The Bronx her second hometown and writes about her borough experiences in http://triborodiva.blogspot.com/.

Nadia Moxam- Contributing Writer

Nadia is the mother to an eight month old boy. She is currently pursuing  a degree in the law field. Nadia also  has an interest in media and is currently a part of the production team at Bronxnet Television. She enjoys writing, socializing, going to the movies and events.


David Rosa-BronxMama’s Marketing Guru

David  is a marketing maniac raised in manhattan who recently migrated to the Bronx. Devoting himself to helping the Bronx business world grow, he helps Bronx businesses by providing extreme value to increase customer response and satisfaction. With a passion for good health, David promotes a healthy optimistic approach to life. Apart from loving life, marketing has taken over his existence for the greater good of humanity. David prides himself in being mentored by the greatest marketing minds in the world such as Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Richard Johnson, Bill Glazer, Alan Wiess. David has more that enough knowledge and experience to offer. You can find him spilling his mind athttp://davidrosadotcom.com/.


Marilyn Urena Rincon- Contributing Writer

Marilyn is a third grade teacher in the Bronx. She is also a writer of short stories and enjoys reading and dancing. She has a 2 1/2  year old daughter with her husband of almost 6 years. While she doesn’t quite believe in labels, she does consider herself an Afro-Dominican American. She recently finished writing her first novel and hopes to have it published in the near future.



Lucy Aponte- Contributor


Lucy  is a nurse, artist and self-published writer, born in Spanish Harlem and raised in the Bronx. She is the adoptive parent to Daniel, who lives with health and developmental challenges. She’s developed innovative and educational materials for teaching children to learn to read, spell and do math with ease. Ms. Aponte offers workshops in her Creative Parenting techniques developed out of her 17 years of experience as a foster parent. Her community activities and art has been featured in Latina Magazine, the Bronx Times, Daily News, Bronx Magazine TV; Special People, Special Issues TV and more. She has received arts grants for her cultural and arts projects that she brings to the community and received an award from the Administration For Children’s Services for her Tireless Devotion to the Care of NY Foster Children. Her alma mater is the Herbert H. Lehman College and presently she works at a homeless shelter for parenting and new mothers, where she has instituted a very early language and literacy activities program for the babies and toddlers. She is also, presently working on a manuscript for a humorous children’s picture book and has written a lullabye, which she is hoping to publish.


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Interested in contributing to BronxMama? We are always looking for new ideas, resources and events going on in the Bronx! Please email NicolePerrino@hotmail.com.


10 Responses

  1. Hello Nicole,

    My name is Melyna Hernandez and I am one of the founders of The Bronx BabySitters. We are a babysitting service in the South Bronx.

    I found your website through Erin, creater of boogiedowner. I wanted to forward my information to you and all the Moms that read your Blog.

    The Bronx BabySitters was started because we heard many mothers say how sometimes they can’t find anyone to
    take care of their children during the evenings or on weekends. Its hard for some to find last minute sitters or enjoy a nice evening out on the town without having to worry about the baby. To solve this small yet important problem we figured why not have a realiable Babysitter in the neighborhood.

    Veronica Diaz and I are usually at home in the evenings and weekends and would like to make ourselves available to all Bronx Moms. Our rates are very affordable and we are located in the South Bronx for your convenience.

    I have included our contact information as well as a small blog with details on our services. We try to keep the site updated as often as we can; showing our availability as well as references and other useful information.

    Site: http://thebronxbabysitters.blogspot.com/2008/10/bronx-babysitters-club.html

    Phone: 646-401-8205

    We hope you can help us expand our services.


    Melyna and Veronica
    The Bronx BabySitters

  2. a wanna be blogger. Originally for Brooklyn. In the Bronx for a little more that 8 years. I try to spread the good word about the Bronx. So Happy to see others doing the same.

    this was my half-hearted attempt at a bronx blog I’ll get to work now that i see so many of you out there.


  3. Hi,

    So happy to see your blog. When my daughter was born and I needed something like this there was nothing around. Keep it up.

    Mother of Olivia, age 5 1/2

  4. I just came across your website and I’m so excited to see that I’m not the only one looking for things to do with my baby in the Bronx. I’m a new mom, had my baby girl 2 months ago. I really don’t know people in the Bronx and would love to meet other new moms for support, playdates, friendship, etc.

  5. Hi finally someone came up with this, I have been looking for activities for my 3 year old, & to get together with hard workings moms to share the experiences and problems ,
    BTW have you think about having a small section for Spanish speaking moms..

    • Hi Paola,

      So happy you found this site! As far as a Spanish section-I have thought about it and just need someone to translate for me! But it is definitely a great idea and I hope to do it soon!

  6. The Riverdale Children’s Theater is a great site for Bronxmama to feature. They offer musical theater classes for kids in kindergarten and 1st grade, private voice lessons, and auditions for their upcoming performances. Their next show is the Wizard of Oz at Lehman college beginning on January 22nd at 7:30pm. Here’s their web address http://www.riverdaletheatre.org.

  7. I am so happy I was told about this website. I was fretting over the fact that I had to travel out of the borough of the Bronx to do fun things with my son. But now that there’s this website, my job as a single mother has become a little easier. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you for the kind words! I am so happy that parents are beginning to find BronxMama and make use of it! Please spread the word!

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