Being a full time student and mom, our budget is tight. But that doesn’t stop me from still throwing birthday parties, get togethers, and other fun events. People are always inquiring about my skills-so I figured I’d share with all my BronxMama readers!

* Many thanks to my good friend and photographer Peter Anthony who has been there to shoot a lot of these events ūüėČ

Thanksgiving Dinner

I decorated the Thanksgiving Dinner Table completely from local discount stores! Check it out:


Lounge Party

For my 24th Birthday I turned my living into a lounge! Once again, I decorated mostly from the dollar store- lots of candles, the plastic cups, etc.

  • My good friend bought me a hookah to have out for guests to enjoy some coconut flavored hookah!
  • I purchased some inexpensive curtains from Marshalls and hung them up to give the space¬†a more loung-y feel.
  • I bought some inexpensive medium sized fish bowls to¬†serve some of the cocktails in
  • I had a friend who is a DJ, Oscar Acevedo of H.I.T.M Productions handle the turntables while artists Fame and Tommy Buhama gave two awesome performances.
  • We made food, started off with a few bottles for the bar, and told everyone else to BYOB. Awesome!


Equestrian Center Birthday!

For Briana’s Fourth Birthday, I hosted a party at the Bronx Equestrian Center. For $200, we got two hours in the barn (party room) and an hour of pony rides. Being that we were already outdoors and in a barn- very little decorations¬†were needed (plus no balloons are allowed-easier for me!). Once again I ordered most of my stuff from Oriental Trading– cowboy hats, bandanas, goodie bags, and more! I ordered a cake in the shape of a pony from L.V Bakery

in Westchester Square-delish! The kids had a blast- it wasn’t too long, and the clean up easy!


Tasting Dinner

I’ll admit, I go all out for my birthday. I like to get creative and make my friends feel like they’re apart of a something special. For the past few years I’ve had the¬†privilege¬†of attending the NBA 2K video game launch for the site I write for,, so I always fit that into my weekend of birthday events. Instead of inviting¬†all of my friends out for dinner¬†and everyone spending a lot and then leaving the¬†restaurant¬†soon after-I thought it would be awesome to have a dinner right in my living¬†room (Okay-I’m lucky because the hubby is a chef and made this event happen).¬†We hosted an 8 course tasting dinner for my close friends, and I decorated the table completely from the dollar store!

  • The plates,cups, vases, candles, and place mats were only a dollar each!
  • Being that we did a tasting dinner, we didn’t really spend a lot (Each course consists of a tiny portion). We were able to buy filet mignon since each person only had two small strips on their plates!
  • We served Sangria throughout the night- we purchased the big $15 bottles of Sangria and cut up a bunch of fruits-perfect!


Princess Tea Party

For Briana’s 3rd birthday I knew I didn’t want a huge party. We had just painted her room pink and she was in love with having pretend tea parties-so I thought it would be ¬†fun to do a tea party right in her room! If I rented out a location I’d have to spend a bunch of money on decor on top of the money to rent the space-both of which I didn’t have. So, I invited a few of her other princess friends over, told them to come dressed in their prettiest dress-and then enjoyed sandwiches, cupcakes and decorated their own princess crown! Here are the details:

  • I ordered almost everything from These princess crowns the girls decorated were only $5.99 for a dozen. I also ordered a pink tablecloth, pretend rings and solid colored gift bags-which I filled up with Princess essentials: combs, sparkly headbands and Princess¬†lollipops. They also went home with charm bracelets from Oriental Trading.
  • For the table and chairs I bought two Ikea lack coffee tables for around ten bucks ¬†and paid around 3$ each for some child sized chairs from a local discount store.
  • For the tea party set, I purchased in expensive set from Toys R Us.
  • The only thing left to buy was the cupcake mix, ingredients for the rice crispie treats, and juice boxes.



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