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  1. Hi Nicole,

    I started a few months ago with the desire to “Smash the Urban Myths” floating around out there about our borough. Mostly photographs of places that I visit (parks, restaurants, cultural hotspots…) and all the friendly Bronxites that I meet every day, the site shows a different side to the negative (sometimes hysterical) stereotype that unfortunately still lingers from decades past. While not necessarily geared toward just moms, I highlight a lot of fun places that would be ideal for families (as well as parents needing some “alone time”).

    Good luck in with your great new site. I am putting the Bronx Mama on my site. If you’d like to reciprocate, that would be great (but no pressure!)



  2. Hey Nicole,
    FYI: found this website called
    Although not geared towards moms, this guy is hilarious and introduces great ethnic hole in the wall restaurants in the borough.
    Thought you might enjoy!
    Ana Pacheco

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