The American Theatre in Parkchester

When Bri was a baby, we took her to three movies. The first two she did good, but when we went to see a movie in Imax and I had to walk out, she let us know the days of getting through a movie was over. But, a small theatre that is good for testing out the whole movie trip is The American Movie Theatre in Parkchester. It’s small, usually very uncrowded (even more-so during the day) and it’s not a trip all the way downtown for nothing.

After the movies take a seat on the benches around the waterfountain and have lunch. Or be bad and spend some mula in Childrens Place and Macys. If you’re not up for eating outside, Unos is right on the corner.


A very Cool Park











 On the Queens side of the Whitestone Bridge, there is Whitestone Park. A nice sized park with lots of room for picnicking and the same park that my father used to swim in the water right under the bridge. But right across the water, on the other side of the bridge, there is also a spot to check out. Behind the Whitestone Motel and the MTA Toll Bridge building, there is the path to the park. Many people BBQ, play soccer, and hang out. It’s a cool place to bring the kids, a picnic and let them run free. Take them over to the water and let them explore the strange sea creatures that roam around (how ugly is that horseshoe crab!). After a long day of chillin out, if you walk towards Home Depot on the opposite side of the highway you will find the mango guy. Treat you and the kids to some fruit or a shake made on the spot.

Take the Q44 to the Home Depot stop or any stop BEFORE it crosses the bridge (you get a few more chances) and walk down as if you were going to the hotel. Ask around for the best shortcut to the park.

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