The Meltdown.

My two year old princess with devil horns is a tantrum two year old. It doesn’t happen too much, but when it does I don’t know how I keep from throwing myself on the floor and showing her how its really done. This morning was the worst. See, she goes to the childcare at my school. I love it because she’s right there, on campus (ha! Did i really just call John Jay a campus!). If anything happens I’m right there, the teacher can come get me, I’ll be there in five minutes. Also Roosevelt hopsital is right across the street God forbid anything happens. But the commute can be tiring, long, and stressful. So there we are, jumping on the train. I still take a stroller because I am no way getting caught downtown without a stroller when Bri decides she doesn’t want to walk or doesn’t want to listen. I let her walk up the stairs to give me a break with the stroller carrying and told her to sit back down when we got back to the top. She wasn’t having it. She screamed, she cried, she kicked and attempted to get out of the stroller. Of course there are no seats in the morning so I chose not to cave in and let her out, knowing that she’d just try to run up and down the train like it was Central Park. Normally I give in because I hate the stares or just knowing that the entire car is wishing they had have chosen a different car. But this morning I tried my best to calm her down, to talk her down. She gave up after a while, but the smallest thing set her off again and I eventually let her walk the rest of the way.

It’s incidents like these that I just want to hide in a corner. I want to throw my hands in the air and say, “I give up!” But I know that it will eventually end. I know that it will all one day a memory. But of course it makes me feel terrible, makes me question what I am doing wrong, makes me wonder if I’m handling it the right way. This is a phase I know I am going to see more problems out of. Her transition from stroller the entire time to more walking is going to be rough. I think I sweated the curls I had added to my already curly hair within 5 minutes of the meltdown. Some days I feel like a mess, I feel defeated. But just knowing that I’m able to get back up and do it again each time gives me strength. I know I can do it.


Some tips for the dreaded train ride:

-Bring coloring books and only one or two crayons (it’s too much work when they want to switch colors every two seconds)

-Get your routine down packed (I stay on the local just to avoid a bigger crowd, get to keep my seat, and avoid one more set of stairs)

-Some days give in and wear a bookbag. I’ve only listened to my own advice once so far, but it was so much easier on my back and made it easier when it came to getting on and off the bus

-Always have juice and a snack (Hunger can be a huge trigger for a meltdown)

-It’s bad I know, but a lolipop. Sometimes the most extreme meltdown ever can only cured with a sugary ball on a stick

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