Outdoor Family Movie Night (date changed from 6th to 27th)

Saturday, September 27th
7:30 pm (Grounds open 6:30 pm)
Free Outdoor Movie Everyone is getting back to school… but the weather is still nice and it is hard to say good-bye to summer. Now you can still enjoy the feel of summer with a FREE OUTDOOR MOVIE! on the front lawn of Bartow-Pell Mansion.

Through a partnership with the NYC Parks and Recreation Department , Picture House and Bronx Tourism Council; Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum will host a FREE Outdoor Film one night only for the public on Saturday, September 6th. The FREE Outdoor Film will take place under a new moon on the Bartow-Pell front lawn. It will serve as a fabulous culmination to the NYC Parks and Recreation Department’s Family Fun Festival and a great way to end the summer in the Bronx. Visitors can picnic on the lawn, snack on free popcorn and utilize free lawn chairs that will be made available.

A free shuttle service will be available from key points in the area to welcome guests to the site. Please note: free parking will be across the street at the Split Rock Golf Course.

Contact us for more information at 718-885-1461 or via email.


Thursday July 17th 2008

The Comedy Club with Tara Tandlich
Teens learns the finer points of humor in a special workshop on stand-up comedy with comedy writer Tara Tandlich.

Ages: 12 to 18
Time: 3pm
Cost: Free

Van Nest Library

2147 Barnes Avenue
Bronx, NY 10462


Favorites from the Treasure Chest
Toni Gustafson presents an introduction to traditional puppets from Europe, featuring the Mexican folktale, Senor Coyote Acts as a Judge; the Japanese classic The Robe of Feather; a Japanese Kamishibai performance of Momotaro, the Peach Boy; and a puppet performance of the Italian Tarantella with audience participation.

Ages: 4 to 12
Time: 2:30pm
Cost: Free

Kingsbridge Branch Library

280 West 231st Street
Bronx, NY 10463



The American Theatre in Parkchester

When Bri was a baby, we took her to three movies. The first two she did good, but when we went to see a movie in Imax and I had to walk out, she let us know the days of getting through a movie was over. But, a small theatre that is good for testing out the whole movie trip is The American Movie Theatre in Parkchester. It’s small, usually very uncrowded (even more-so during the day) and it’s not a trip all the way downtown for nothing.

After the movies take a seat on the benches around the waterfountain and have lunch. Or be bad and spend some mula in Childrens Place and Macys. If you’re not up for eating outside, Unos is right on the corner.

Your Park.

If you’re a mom here who feels like staying indoors verses taking the little ones to your local park (because it’s dirty, too small, simply GHET-TO), you’re not alone. I’ve been in Castle Hill for a  year now and I can count on my fingers (without needing the toes!) how many times I’ve taken the mini me to this park. But you know what, I got the stick out of my ass, and for the last two days I’ve made the four block walk to the park.  My park is small, with just a half basketball court, some swings, a little ass jungle gym, but a sprinkler! And I don’t mind at all since Briana is small and I can read my book from one bench and not have a heart attack because she keeps going out of my sight. Yea I wish I was in Central Park, watching Briana play in the giant sandbox, running from sprinker to sprinkler. But then again, it’s great to be able to drag Bri and her bike, her baby and her baby’s stroller three or four blocks down the block and not have 100 kids running around. Even if all of the parks in walking distance are way out of the question, then find one that’s either a few train or bus stops away. Either way, you have to give in and stay local sometimes.

What’s your Park?

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