Virtual Toddler Storytime!

Gayle Snible from the New York Public Library knows how important it is to read to your children-but some people forget it’s not so your child can read before anyone in their class, “Reading to children isn’t about pressuring your kid into becoming some sort of prodigy who can wow your friends at parties by reading index cards at six months. Many experts also believe it’s mostly about fun, bonding time, and improving their language (not reading) skills” (check out the rest of her Huffington Post article!)

Gayle goes on to say that, “”There are no rules really for reading [to a child], but that it should be an enjoyable activity,” adds Klein. “It can be turning pages with a child or labeling what they see in a book. ‘I see a little girl in the book, and she’s running.’ Toddlers will listen to a book, but they don’t need the full story. There’s no right way; it should be a delightful activity.”

AND Gayle wants you to know that the NYPL has filmed many toddler story times, so don’t feel bad if you missed your local library’s story time. Check out one filmed at the Mosholu Branch:

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Storytime and Bronx Children’s Museum Forum

If you didn’t already know, the Bronx is the only borough without a Children’s Museum-but that will soon change. The Bronx Children’s Museum is slated to open its doors in 2013. And in case you didn’t know the museum has and will be putting on forums in the community to hear from you! The museum wants to learn more about you and your children-your ideas, your needs, and more! Come join BronxMama and the Bronx Children’s Museum at the Pelham Bay Branch Library on February 16th at 11am. Your children can enjoy storytime while you give your input and learn more about the museum. Flyers will be posted soon.

Pelham Bay Library
3060 Middletown Road
Bronx, NY 10461


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