Letter From A BronxMama: Winter Blues

BronxMama Readers,

Today I would like to talk about the winter blues, some people suffer from it- others do not. For those who do, it is very important to not let that reflect or rub off on your children. Parents, we have to make sure that we try to stay positive for our children because they learn from us. If we are very stressed out and show our kids, this will push the stress on them. That’s not fair to them. We are living in hard times, but lets try to keep the good energy flowing for the sake of our children. Continue reading


Your Park.

If you’re a mom here who feels like staying indoors verses taking the little ones to your local park (because it’s dirty, too small, simply GHET-TO), you’re not alone. I’ve been in Castle Hill for a  year now and I can count on my fingers (without needing the toes!) how many times I’ve taken the mini me to this park. But you know what, I got the stick out of my ass, and for the last two days I’ve made the four block walk to the park.  My park is small, with just a half basketball court, some swings, a little ass jungle gym, but a sprinkler! And I don’t mind at all since Briana is small and I can read my book from one bench and not have a heart attack because she keeps going out of my sight. Yea I wish I was in Central Park, watching Briana play in the giant sandbox, running from sprinker to sprinkler. But then again, it’s great to be able to drag Bri and her bike, her baby and her baby’s stroller three or four blocks down the block and not have 100 kids running around. Even if all of the parks in walking distance are way out of the question, then find one that’s either a few train or bus stops away. Either way, you have to give in and stay local sometimes.

What’s your Park?

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