Uptown Tots

Once a month BronxMamas and their Uptown Tots meet up for a class. Art, dance, music, you name it.

Although this group is mainly for the toddler age range- we have lots of moms contact BronxMama about other ages. If you are interested in hosting a meetup for younger babies, or even older kids-let BronxMama know and we can share with our readers! It could be a one time thing or a monthly meetup-all up to you!

Upcoming Events:

Have an idea for an upcoming event? Let us know!

Past Events:


Christmas Craft Meetup at PeaceLove Cafe


BronxMama Halloween Hoorah Meetup hosted by the New York Botanical Garden Sunday October 24th, 2010 at the New York Botanical Garden

First Annual BronxMama BBQ-Saturday August 21st, 2010 in Pelham Bay Park

Haven’t heard back from BronxMama? Sorry about that! Email again! BronxMama.com@gmail.com


59 Responses

  1. Hello, I am interested in joining your monthly class. My son is 5 months old and I live in the throggsneck area of the bronx. Where do you guys meet up and is my son to young to participate?

    • Jennefer Flood,
      I just happen to come across this site. I too live in Throggs Neck and I have a 3 year old son. I’m looking for things to keep him occupied on the weekends..please let me know if you’ve come across anything. I was thinking of signing up for the YMCA on Castle Hill.

      • Hello Jennefer Flood,

        I have a 2 1/2 year old son. I am also trying to find activities to keep him busy during the weekends. I have also considered signing up for the YMCA on Castle Hill. Please also share any activities you come across. Thank you.

    • Jennefer
      i live in throggs neck as well and have a 3 yr old and a 1 1/2 yr old. I go to mommy n me classes at st benedicts and at st frances. also library on tues morn and sports time in elsford ($5) let me know if u would like to meet for playdate as well. if not have fun with above nfo. bronx house also has activities

      • I live near Bronx House. What activities do they have there for babies (mine is almost 1)? And would you want to meetup there?

        P.S. I used to go to Bronx House as a kid myself – so this sounds very fun 🙂

  2. I am a stay at home mom with an 18-month boy. I am very interested in your mommy and me classes that you may have or any other program that is fit for toddlers. I would love my son to learm and grow with children within his age group.

    thank you.

  3. I would love to find a mommy and me class or actiities appropriate for my son(8 mos) please let me know if you any activities for us.
    Thank You

  4. I am a stay at home mom moving to Morris Park. My 8 month old son and 2 year old niece (who I watch) and I would love to attend a class and meet some moms and babies!!!

    • Hi there!
      Mi name is Vi Mazzella and I live in the Morris Park area, I have a 13 month old daughter and we both would love to meet you, we love to make new friends, let is know when are u available, hope to meet you soon!

  5. I am a stay home mom with a 24 months old daugther.
    And I love the idea of mommy and me class, and any other activities and meets some momns and babies. Where do you meet up??? And do you have something appropriate for us?? Please let my know.

    Thank’s in advance

  6. Hi, I also run a SAHM group here in the Bronx and I’m sure some of my members would be interested in this type of program. Can you send me more info.


    • Hi,

      How about I go ahead and add your email to my group list and when I plan the next meetup you can let the members of your group know?


  7. sounds good

  8. Hi. Already requested info on the other web page, but wanted to make sure that you add us to your mailing list. Thanks!

  9. Hi I am looking for a playgroup thats in the Bronx but has a few cool moms (and by cool I mean not prudish). I definitely would like to drop by w/ my one year old and see if this is something he would like. Can I get more information. Like what times you meet and how often? Thx.

  10. This is the first and closest site Ive found regarding any type of toddler or mommy and me program in the Bronx. I am very interested. I have a 21 month old and Im very anxious to get her into a program that allows her to grow socially and adapt to a learning environment before preschool. Can I get more info please??

  11. Hello my name is Antoinett and I am intrested in learning more about your group.

  12. Hello my name is Antoinett and I am intrested in finding out more information about the group.

  13. hello just trying to figure out what to do with my recently turned 2yr old. have been trying to enroll her in dance but everywhere i inquire i am told she is too young

  14. Interested in getting my 19month old involved

    • Just added you to the mailing list! You will get an email when I know the date of our next meetup!



  16. hi i have a son he is ayear and half i am looking for aplay group for him

  17. I have a 17 mth old (at the time of this posting) and I would love for him to make some friends. I currently do work but my mom takes care of him and I know she would just love something like this. Please let me know what I need to do or what I can do to become part of this group. It’s nice to see something good being done in the Bronx….great job!

  18. I am intrested in mommy n me groups for my daughters. I have a four year old and a 7 month old.

  19. I’m so lucky I found this website, My name is Vi , I have a 13 month old baby and we both are in desperate need of new friends, please add me to your group and let us know when are you planning and event or playdate.

  20. Hi, I have a 6.5 month old daughter and am very interested in attending one of your Mommy and Me group sessions. I live in Parkchester. Please send me more information. Thank you.

    • Hello Emelyn,

      BronxMamas is currently running playdate for 8 month olds. I am not sure if anyone in our group contacted, but would like to know if you are still interested in attending our event on Sunday, August 29th at Pelham Park in the Bronx.

      Please contact at this e-mail address.

      Thank you,


    • Currently running an 7-10 playdate at Pelham Bay in the Bronx.

      Sunday, August 29th
      Time 12-3
      Location: Playground area

      Contact me via email jasmincruz30@yahoo.com

      Hope you can join!


  21. Hello,
    This sounds great! I would love to get more information on your group. Please email me, my son is 22 mos old and needs more social interactions! Thank you.

  22. Hello,
    I am a single, stay at home mom of a 15-month old baby girl named Ava and am interested in joining a mommy and me class for us. Can you please email me more information as to what classes are available and how can I sign up? Thank you in advance!

  23. I would love more information please let me know i have a 18 month old little girl and it would be nice to meet up with other mom as well. Thanks 🙂

  24. This is awesome! I would like to attend with my 20 month old twins, Gymboree classes are a bit expensive and are ALL the way uptown! this is a very nice idea.

  25. Hello I’m Tina, a single mm of a 2 1/2 year old boy. I’m very much interested in meeting up.I want to meet other single parents with toddlers around my sons age please email me back thanx

  26. Hey, I’m interested in finding out when the next meet is. My son just turned 2 and would love him to interact with other children.

  27. Hi i have a 1yr old daughter and i am very interested in Bronxmama and i would like to know what you offer for babies her age and where are you located. I want my daughter to interact with kids her age and learn how to socialize and most of all have fun with other kids and with me.

    Thank You

  28. Hi.. My name is Eleni and I am a stay-at-home-mom. I am looking for playdates for my 7 yr Old son, and 10month old daughter. Being only 23yrs old it has been difficult for me to find other moms my age or even other moms in general for my kids to be friends with. Please let me know when you guys are having a play-date. I would love to participate.


  29. I have a daughter who just turned 2! I am trying to find activities to do with her on the weekends because I work full time. I would love to join your group!

  30. Would love to participate with my 3 year old son. Please keep me updated on future events.

  31. Hi. I have a 2 year old daughter. I take a cab into the city rather than lug her up & down the stairs of the train station buy that gets expensive. Looking for activities and a play group.

    Also, what supplies & quantities are in need at the moment?

  32. Would like to participate in playdates for 2 year old daughter. Please email me when the next one is. Thank youj.

  33. Hi,

    I have a 7 month old daughter and feeling sooooo isolated and don’t want to go downtown for meeting other children and moms. Would love to join a group in the Bronx. Please contact me or add me to a mailing list…. alibovich@gmail.com

  34. I have a 7 month old daughter and feeling sooooo isolated and don’t want to go downtown for meeting other children and moms. Would love to join a group in the Bronx. Please contact me or add me to a mailing list…. alibovich@gmail.com

  35. Hi all I’m a bronx’s based photographer, I will like to offer my services for any none profit children activities in the bronx, thank you

  36. I am very happy to hear about this I have a son who is 15months old and looking to do things with him. I am very interested in joining please reply back I can volunteer my time I am also a stay at home mom. I would also like to know where u guys meet up, so please keep me in mind contact me. thank you

  37. Hi. My littlest one will be 2 next week and would love to take part in a group here in the Bronx. Keep me posted…Thanks

  38. Please add me to your list – my daughter is 18 months and we live in Riverdale!

  39. Hi, Live in Throggs Neck. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and a 16 month old daughter, would play dates. Please add me on list as well as any contacts in Throggs neck so i can start group playdate?


  40. Hi, I live in Pelham Bay and have a 2 1/2 year old son. I would love to get him involved in play dates/play groups. Could you please add me to your list? This is a great thing you have going! 🙂 Thanks!

  41. Hello,
    I am the mother of a 1 & 3 year old (girl & boy, respectively). I reside in the Bronx near yankee stadium & I am very interested in getting my children involved in activities that will introduce them to artistic extracurricular activities (i.e. yoga, art classes, music classes, museum visits, etc.) If the group is still accepting new members please contact me as I am interested in joining.
    Thank you,

  42. Hi, I have a 9 month old son and 2.5 year old daughter (and a friend who has a 20 month old). We are looking for a play group and cool activities for our children. Please add me to your list.

  43. Good Morning,

    My name is Gina and I have 18 month old twin girls and a 4 month babay girl. Can you please send me information on play dates and any fun and cool activities taking place.

    Thank you,

  44. I also would like to mention that I live in the Throgs Neck Section of the Bronx.

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